Raise the bar on your next production.

Reed Rigging delivers innovative and dynamic lighting and set element movements to continue to meet the ever-growing needs of lighting and production designers. Reed Rigging is the leading rigging provider in North America of the CyberMotion™ family of automated motion control, including CyberHoist® intelligent chain hoist motors and the InMotion 3D design and control system. This solution, CyberHoist Graphictogether with the most experienced operators in the business, delivers complex pre-programmed movements requiring lifting heavy loads with pinpoint accuracy, safety and near-silent operation.

Quite simply, Cybermotion hoists are the best in the world. No other hoist has been designed and tested and certified like the Cyberhoist, and Reed Rigging is proud to offer this advanced, reliable equipment to its clients. Learn more about the complete range of CyberMotion products at