Touring is in our DNA.

Reed Rigging clients have included the Dave Matthews Band, The Fray, Lil Wayne, Girl Talk, Rammstein, Elton John, Barbara Streisand, and many more. Reed Rigging's services for Touring range from full production (design, build and operate) to renting well-maintained equipment.

Reed Rigging delivers innovative and dynamic lighting and set element movements to continue to meet the ever-growing needs of lighting and production designers. The CyberMotion family of automated motion control, including CyberHoist® intelligent chain hoists and the InMotion 3D design and control system is some of the most reliable, well-built motion control equipment in the world. Reed Rigging is pleased to be the leading rigging provider in North America of this extraordinary equipment.

Together with the most experienced operators in the business led by Wade Hinshaw, CyberMotion™ delivers complex pre-programmed movements requiring lifting heavy loads with pinpoint accuracy and near-silent operation. Built to BGVC-1 standards, Cyberhoists are specified by lighting and set designers in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.


Filament Productions captured this short timelapse from the DMB Fall 2010 tour featuring three circle trusses with moving motors to give the set different looks for different songs. Enjoy.